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The levels of transparency and exposure are regulated using various methods of shading to protect your privacy, and change as easily as your mood.

    Why Dimming Glass

    智慧视窗 办公室 580x300

    Less is More

    Overturn the combination of window and curtain with one piece of highly integrated and multifuntional glass.

    智慧视窗 车窗 580x300

    Varying as Wish

    Intelligent and stepless adjustiment help redefine the gray-zone between dark and bright.

    智慧视窗 汽车 580x300

    Retain Privacy

    Fast response within 1 second and no haze ensure a photoflash-isolated and worry-free ride.


    Thickness Curvature Driving Voltage Power Consumption Display Mode
    < 20mm Single/Double Curved <12V <2W/m2 Normally white/Normally black
    Transmittance Response Time
    Reliability Adjustment Method Size

    N.B.:0.7%~33%; 15%~50%



    Operation Temp.: -20℃~85℃/

    Storage Temp.: -40℃~100℃

    Stepless/Multi-step custom size

    BOE Dimming Techniques Help Automobile-tuners Realize Dream Design

    Read the case study and find out why BOE.

    Read Case Study