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BOE Dimming Techniques Help Automobile-tuners Realize Dream Design

         Customer: Limgene  
          Industry: Automobile


    As a famous Chinese automobile-tuning brand dedicated to original advanced design and officially authorized by Mercedes-Benz for modification, Limgene has entered the high-end market with its professional tuning development team and experience in automobile design. Its attention to the customers’ needs of luxury, fashion, personality and technology coincides with BOE, and thus NEBULA series (the high-end customization of Mercedes-Benz V-class) are the pioneering results of the combination of the two.

Business Solution

    "Still as stars, swift as scud." As a movable private area, automobile is the spatiotemporal intersection of the alternating fast-paced commute and slow-paced leisure. Since the very beginning, Limgene has determined to create a top luxury series that meets not only high quality business reception, but also slow-paced daily life.

    To serve this unique design concept, BOE with superb manufacturing and vigorous improvements provides dimming glass for Limgene. Our product utilizes intelligent and stepless adjustment of transmittance, which in dark state reaches 0.4%, guaranteeing privacy protection (see full characteristics here). Additionally, it is capable of heat insulation, sun protection and anti-glare based on sunlight intensity, which is also able to cooperate with mobile cinema intelligently.

Business Outcome

    BOE’s dye LC glass made its debut in the world with Limgene’s NEBULA series in Dec. 2020. Moreover, through the cooperation between the two, all characteristics of the product have reached the top level globally. Up till now, the first batch of tuned cars has been rolled off the production line and been speeding on road, and the second batch of dimming glasses has also been delivered.


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  • Faster response than EC and no haze compared to PDLC
  • Realize unique design by offering multi-sized individual development and adjustment
  • Mature manufacturing route and rich experiences in product innovation with high quality

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